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Grow Africa and FANRPAN collaborate on policy matters

Grow Africa and FANRPAN collaborate on policy matters

Grow Africa and FANRPAN collaborate on policy matters

Grow Africa and the Food, Agriculture and Natural Resources Policy Analysis Network (FANRPAN) for Africa both operate in the agriculture space. As such both organisations are best poised to leverage off of each other’s activities for greater reach and impact in their mutual countries of operation.

One of FANRPAN’s thematic areas of focus is on driving policy matters in the agriculture space in terms of advocacy, implementation and leadership. This dovetails well with Grow Africa’s County Agribusiness Partnership Framework (CAP-F) initiative, with one of its pillars being policy reform. 

Given that the viability of agribusiness partnerships are in part, reliant on the existence of an enabling policy environment, Mr Ibrahim Gourouza-Magagi, Grow Africa’s Chief Operations Officer and Mr Munhamo Chisvo the Chief Executive Officer met on 6 February 2019 in order to establish a formal partnership to be undertaken under the policy umbrella. 

The discussions were fruitful and resulted in the identification of several areas of cooperation to support the CAP-F process as follows: 

  • Providing policy insights to support the work of Grow Africa in developing CAP-F Stocktaking Reports; 
  • Undertaking analytical work on identified policies and reforms required; 
  • Supporting processes for revised policy drafting and setting of standards; 
  • Developing platforms for dialogue on consensus building on policy issues; 
  • Support implementation of the policies with robust monitoring and evaluation mechanisms; 
  • Identification of good practice policies that will encourage the adoption of new policies and measures; 
  • Social retailing through media campaigns and support Grow Africa with communication and advocacy. 

The above areas of cooperation will be carried out in the common countries of presence, namely: South Africa, Zambia, Mozambique, Kenya, Benin, Malawi and Zimbabwe, starting this year. 

The cooperation between Grow Africa and FANRPAN will build on the latter’s interventions and achievements in the targeted countries. Grow Africa’s work will culminate in the identification of policy constraints that are affecting private sector investment in the priority value chains selected in each country. The documented constraints will form a starting point for FANRPAN’s participation which will serve to complement Grow Africa’s Business Model.