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A.      There is a need for a cultural revolution: to change how both private sector and public sector interact with each other and the demands they make of each other. Public sector needs to lead on...
Research Papers
More than any other part of the world, Africa has the most under-exploited potential for agricultural production. Smallholder farmers have a key role to play in the global agricultural value chain,...
Flier outlining Grow Africa's mission and work in the 12 countries in which we operate
The business case for supply chain sustainability has evolved significantly in recent years. An increasing number of agribusiness companies have realized the importance of incorporating...
Research Papers
The Business Advisory Working Group commissioned this report looking at constraints to investment in Mozambique, based on interviews with a wide range of agribusiness companies in Mozambique.
This report quantifies the private sector opportunity across four key systems: food, cities, energy & materials, and health and well-being, identify, the new business models associated with them...
Most smallholder farmers operate with subsistence strategies that do not require high levels of financial literacy.  Prorustica is providing in-village or on-farm training sessions to groups of...
The two-day Grow Africa Investment Forum convened 250 African and global leaders in Kigali, Rwanda, from 10-11 May 2016 and focused on affirming the leadership vision for African agriculture.
This study, commissioned by AGRA, Grow Africa and UPL, looks at the market opportunity for scaling the potato value chain in East Africa.
This briefing paper looks at how to make lease financing commercially viable at scale.