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National Cassava Platform – Ghana


The Ghanaian national cassava platform was launched with the support of Grow Africa and IDH – the Sustainable Trade Initiative in April 2015 as one of three national aimed at building a market for cassava products used in industrial processes, known as the Ghanaian Industrial Cassava Stakeholder Platform (GICSP). The platforms bring together producer groups, processors, off-takers, financiers and the public sector to work together on building links between actors along the chain at the national level.

Cassava is traditionally a subsistence crop, and being highly perishable it has mostly been consumed at the household level. But it can also be turned into high-quality cassava flour (HQCF), food-grade starch, and food-grade ethanol. Its applications range from food and drink products to glues, plywood, textiles and pharmaceuticals. Ghana is Africa’s fourth largest cassava producer, with an output of 16 million metric tonnes in 2013.

The platform aims to:

  • Establish an inclusive and dynamic industrial cassava value chain platform that enables current and emerging industrial players seize local and international market opportunities. 
  • Find answers to most, if not all, issues pertaining to the whole cassava value chain.

The platform is open to members from:

  • Cassava producers
  • Cassava processors
  • End-users of cassava products
  • Government and research organisations
  • Input providers
  • Civil society

There are currently a number of members, organised into five working groups, governed by a steering committee. The working groups focus on:

  • Production capacity
  • Processing capacity
  • Marketing and technology
  • Access to finance
  • Policy and research