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Renewed hope for rice in Côte d’Ivoire

Renewed hope for rice in Côte d’Ivoire

Nigeria Rice plantation

Grow Africa and the Office National pour le Développement du Riz en Côte d’Ivoire (ONDR) launched the first inclusive national rice value chain platform on 13 July 2017 in Cote d’Ivoire, held at the Novotel Abidjan.  

Rice is identified as a strategic and priority commodity by the Ivorian government as reflected in its national agricultural investment plan.  The platform baptized RICE CIV comprises representatives from the government, agricultural and food research institutions, private sector, farmers’ organizations, civil society, youth organizations and industrial end-users.

The platform will be sharing critical market information, and developing coalitions and strategies on how to resolve supply constraints and organize smallholder inclusion in the supply chains.  Rice CIV will also stimulate investment opportunities in the sector.

Attended by more than 60 persons, including representatives of the agriculture ministry, small holder farmers, private sector companies, research institutions, international organizations, youth organizations and the donor community.

The launch highlighted the sizeable opportunity represented by strengthening the domestic rice sector for job creation, improvement of smallholder incomes, food security, and reduced import dependence.

The meeting was opened by Mr Apporture Kouame Kouakou, the chief of staff of the Ivorian Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, who thanked the NEPAD Agency for its support to the rice value chain in Côte d’ivoire and reassured the audience of the commitment of the highest authorities to the success of the first ever rice inclusive platform in Cote d’ivoire.

In his remark on behalf of the NEPAD Agency CEO, Dr Hamady Diop head of Natural resource governance, food security and nutrition stated that “Rice being identified as a strategic commodity by the African Union, it has to be promoted and protected as a staple contributing to food and nutrition security in Africa”.  

For Mr Yacouba Dembele, Director general of ONDR “the platform should be seen as an instrument that will support the ongoing implementation of the national strategy 2016-2020 for rice development in Cote d’ivoire”.

To operationalize the rice platform a memorandum of understanding has been signed between Grow Africa and ONDR. This will further be followed by:

  1. The setting up of a secretariat of the platform to be hosted by ONDR
  2. The Development of a charter to guide stakeholders on how to access/join the platform
  3. The development of a work plan 2017-2020.

Organizations working in the rice sector in Côte d’Ivoire are welcome to contact Grow Africa to explore opportunities for collaboration or involvement in Grow Africa’s rice sector work.