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Grow Africa works to increase private sector investment in agriculture, and accelerate the execution and impact of investment commitments.

Grow Africa and the African Development Bank signed, on Wednesday, 12 June 2019, a grant agreement of US$1 million to implement Grow Africa’ African Agribusiness Engine, which is a private sector investment mobilization platform.

The Country Agribusiness Partnership Framework stocktaking validation meeting and launch was officially held in Abuja Nigeria on the 16thMay 2019.The event specifically  served to validate the stocktaking report  with all relevant stakeholders .

Grow Africa, through Country Agribusiness Partnership Framework (CAP-F), is a unique model for forging the connections between the public and private sectors needed to support the growth of the agriculture sector and unlock investment opportunities necessary to achieve national and continental go

In the next 30-40 years the demand for animal source foods will grow rapidly in the African continent due to growth in human population, increasing consumer purchasing power and urbanization.

Grow Africa, co-founded in 2011 by the African Union Commission, NEPAD and the World Economic Forum, and now hosted by the AUDA-NEPAD, has emerged as a proven model for public-private sector collaboration at national and continental level.

Sierra Leone is one of the new 15 countries selected for the implementation of the Country Agribusiness Partnership Framework (CAP-F).

“Private sector including farmers are expected to co-finance activities amounting to 46% of the total National Agriculture Investment Plan (NAIP) budget in Malawi.  With such responsibility resting with private sector partners, we expect to see more of organised engagements and informal meetings

Africa’s Blue Economy Champion, the Seychelles is the latest country to call for the implementation of the Country Agribusiness Partnership Framework (CAP-F). All CAADP countries are encouraged to establish CAP-F as an output of the National Agriculture Investment Plan refresh or appraisal. 

The African Union Commission, the African Union Development Agency-NEPAD and Grow Africa undertook a mission to Botswana in March 2019, to provide technical support to the Ministry of Agricultural Development and Food Securityin re-introducing the Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Prog